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7 ways to increase your interest and make you an irreplaceable person

We like something because it adds a little surprise on the basis of what we are familiar with, such as the American blockbuster we watch, each film is an old routine, but each film will give us a new story, not all unfamiliar, not all familiar, this kind of film is very good. We like a star, every time he plays the role, looks the same, we will not find it interesting, but if he changes a little style, change a different feeling of clothes, we will have a long discussion.

1.increase the accident rate, increase the degree of liking

There is a formula:Like = familiar +15.87% unexpectedThis 15.87% is the calculated “optimal accident rate”. If the “surprise rate” is much lower15.87%, or even close to 0, then what you have to say and do will always be in the other party’s control, and the other party’s love for you will be greatly reduced.If we want to increase each other’s love for themselves, let the relationship warm up, we must increase this accident rate.Of course, you do some very outrageous things will also increase the accident rate, but this is often easy to give yourself points, and in the boring life can increase some accidents in interesting ways, not only can increase the accident rate, but also can make the other party feel that you are an irreplaceable person. After all, beautiful looks are common, but interesting souls are not.

2.Condition method
Specific approach: When the other party asks you, you do not immediately agree, but put forward a very absurd condition, to set obstacles for him.For example, he said, “Hand me the phone.” If you take it right away, it’s no fun, and people often don’t value things that are too easy to get. Then you can say something like, “Man, give the girl a smile first.For example, he said, “Get me a glass of water.” You can say, “Yes, give me a kiss.”
Don’t be afraid to ask, two people flirt, isn’t it you tease me, I tease you? If it’s all a straight-up chat, you do whatever he wants you to do, and you fight over these little things, what’s the fun?The condition method can be used in other ways. You can also use this method when you feel uncomfortable that the other person is always bossing you around. It’s just that at this point, you’re going to have to make a rather cumbersome request. For example, if he asks you to wash the dishes and you don’t want to, you can say, “No, his hand is broken, you have to massage him for two hours before he has the strength to wash the dishes!”Note: This move should be used when only the two of you are present and he asks you to do something small and unhurried, and the request should be flirtatious rather than quid pro quo. For example, he asks you to pour a glass of water, you let him cut the fruit; He makes you do laundry, you make him mop the floor. This kind of exchange of conditions will make the other person feel that you are too calculating, but it will not conducive to the development of the relationship.

3.Method of surprise
How to use it: Say or do something completely unexpected when the other person is saying or doing something.For example, your boyfriend says to you, “Why is there no meat in this beef ramen?” You say: “Yes, there is no husband and wife in the lung slices!” Then I looked at him and smiled.You see him practicing dumbbells, you run over and say in a very worried tone: “Dear, you must be careful! I heard that Lao Wang next door accidentally flashed his waist when he was practicing this, you must be careful, don’t hit my floor……”
Your boyfriend kissed you outside, and you pretended to be very severe and said: “How can you casually bite your family in public?” Then after seeing his embarrassed expression, you smiled and said: “At least two kisses.”When I watched the variety show, I found that Zhang Wei was particularly good at using this trick, people interviewed him and Faye Wong friendship, he said: “My friendship with Faye Wong is like the World Cup.” When everyone was wondering, he said, “It’s just a matter of more than a month.” “She’s like a cat,” he said of Wong. People thought he was going to say, “Women are like cats,” but he didn’t expect him to say, “Whether you’re rich or poor, she doesn’t care about you.” Not only drew laughter from the audience, but also made people such as Faye Wong comment on him: “I feel particularly relaxed when I am with Da Zhang Wei.”
When you can say unexpected and humorous things at any time, then people will be very relaxed with you.The essence of surprise is that you never know what the other person is going to say next.Note: As long as it is not a particularly serious occasion, it can be used, and its range of use is very wide. However, the difficulty of this move is that it requires imagination and accumulation.

(4) Personification
Specific usage: To put a part of oneself, or other objects as people, to participate in our activities.For example, Xiao Ya’s boyfriend A Feng always says she is pretentious. Because when they go out to play, often everyone has not enjoyed, Xiao Ya said he was hungry; After walking a little farther, she said she was tired again. Once or twice it doesn’t matter, after a long time, her boyfriend thinks she is very pretentious. Of course, in this case, the boyfriend will understand to tell him that he is not well, but this is not a fun way.Using anthropomorphism you can do this:Xiao Ya suddenly said: “Don’t move, you listen, someone is talking!” A Feng was startled, and Xiao Ya continued: “Did you hear someone say that it was very hungry? Oh, it was my stomach, it said it was hungry.” After hearing this, Ah Feng squatted on the ground and laughed so hard that he could not stand up. Then he came and touched her head and said, “Let’s go and buy you something delicious.”
Most of the time, we make some contradictions, in fact, not because of the thing itself, but because the other party’s mood is not very good when it happens. For example, boys sometimes do not want to coax you, it is not that he does not know that girls need to coax, nor does he love you, do not want to coax you, but he did not have the mood to coax you.Therefore, we use such humorous methods to let each other have a good mood, and many problems are not problems at all.Note: This move should be used when you are relatively idle, and he is not in a bad mood, because often when using this move, there is a bit of “play fine upper body”, and the other party is willing to cooperate with you, otherwise it will be embarrassing. So, don’t use it when he’s extremely upset, unless you’re pretty sure and he really likes it.

(5) Bragging law
How to use it: Praise yourself when you can create interesting comparisons, and let the other person’s mood fluctuate with you.For example, the other person says to you, “Sometimes, I feel like I’m having violent thoughts and I really want to beat up our annoying leader. Do you feel the same way?”You can start with a look of total incomprehension and say, “A gentle person like me…” Then he paused for a second, then resumed his smile and said, “Of course it happens! I meet someone I hate, and I don’t just want to beat him up, I want to beat him up.” Let each other’s emotions follow you up and down, he thought you were going to criticize him, emotional tension to the highest point. Unexpectedly, you actually feel the same way, his mood began to relax immediately, and here also used the technique of “synchronizing emotions”.Through such a fall together, let his heart produce a huge wave, your relationship will quickly get closer. If it is just to echo, although there is a certain effect, but far less strong than this.Or maybe your boyfriend says, “My friends say you don’t seem to like them.”
You can also use this tactic, “How can a beauty like me like anyone? But your friend is definitely an exception.

“Note:The disadvantage of this move is not to use too much, if you brag every day, the other party will feel that you are not self-positioning is not clear.

(6) Unruly methods

How to use it: To express one’s wishes by using just the right “nasty” words.
For girls, a little naughty, still very lovable, the naughty here is actually a spoiled naughty, not outrageous naughty.

For example, if you go to your boyfriend and help him clean up, you really want to get the praise of your boyfriend, but the boyfriend is only playing games, and he did not find your efforts. At this time, many girls will start to get angry and feel that they have paid so much and the other side has not seen anything; Some girls sulk; Some will run over and complain about their boyfriend. However, this will not only not let your boyfriend love you, but also affect your feelings.

For example, the two of you have a big fight because of something, and finally found that he misunderstood you and wrongly blamed you, this time both sides are very embarrassed, if you are also embarrassed to stand there, the relationship between the two people will certainly be affected, even if the misunderstanding is solved, but the scar is still there. Then at this time, we can use clever tricks, let the two people’s feelings warm up.

Note: The use of brute force method is more limited, generally used when you are reasonable, you go to “brute force”, the other party will think you are cute. If you are not reasonable, but also use harsh methods, the other party will be disgusted, this is not fun, but by people.

(7) Touting the Law

How to do it: The flattery method means to praise him with exaggerated words than usual.

For example, if he mopped the floor for you today, you can say something like, “Oh, this is amazing, the floor is cleaned, The State Council standard! I am so lucky to have found such a good boyfriend as you, I must immediately go to the incense stick and thank my ancestors for their blessing!”

This will also encourage him to go the extra mile for you, because he will want to hear that again next time.

For example, he goes to Europe, you expect him to give you a bag, who knows he brings back a box of chocolates, or buy one get three free supermarket sales. At this point, if you go and say,”You are too cheap, after a long trip to Europe, bring me some of this crap!” The result of this can seriously affect your relationship. Although the other party to buy things are not expensive, but also a piece of mind, if you do not appreciate, then he is likely to buy nothing in the future.

At this point, we can use the puff method.

“Wow, honey, French chocolate, it’s so different. I’m going to taste it and see if it’s smoother than my stockings. I’ll take off with one bite.” You take a bite and then say, “Look, it tastes different, it’s bitter, and this chocolate is the real thing. I’ve never had any real chocolate before, so this is a real surprise, because I thought you were going to buy me a bag.”

First touted the chocolate he bought, then the boyfriend will be very happy ah, he will think in his heart: “I spent so much money to buy a box of chocolate, you are so happy, then the next time I really buy you a bag, you are not happy to heaven ah!” This is far better than you blame him, and the worst is in the end! A word, you not only tell him that although you want a bag, but also do not dislike his gift. This gift is a surprise. You like them both very much. This not only affirms the other party’s effort, but also expresses their own preferences.

Note: This trick applies when the other person does what you want him to do. If the other party does bad things, you also praise him, but instead become encouraging him to do bad things.

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