Sweet Dating Guide

Fill your life with love

36 Questions to turn a friend into a romantic partner that will quickly cause a relationship to heat up.

We will divide the question into several groups, can better understand each other’s three views and living habits, as well as the points that the other party cares about, when asking each other these questions, there is bound to be a feeling of truth or dare.Ask each other, you need to choose a public place that is suitable for two people to communicate without affecting.

When you’re ready, start with the first set of questions and get into the mood to learn about each other’s preferences:
(1). What do you like and why? What kind of mood?
1, Share with each other the top 10 most listened to songs, are in what mood?
2. What are the feelings or inspirations brought to you by the 5 books you love to watch?
3, Like 10 kinds of food, picky food?
4, the unforgettable place of travel, because of what memory?
5. Who did you watch with the TV series or movies you have watched more than twice?
6, Do you often help your parents do housework, is it washing dishes or other?
7. What are the three or four dishes you are good at? Who loves them?
8. What are the habits of sticking to for more than a year?
9, If it was the last hour of your life, who would you want to spend it with?
10. What’s the most patient thing you’ve ever done?

The second set of questions is deeper understanding
1. When you encounter sad things, do you prefer to digest them alone or do you want to have the company of friends?
2. The most embarrassing experience you’ve ever had, would you be afraid to go through it again?
3. When I was young, did I rely on my father or my mother? Or someone else?
4, is there anything that you have been feeling guilty about?
5, the reaction and view of social hot spots, is when the people eat melons or no sense?
6, when someone hurt you unintentionally, will you forgive him?
7. If you had a million dollars, what would you do to keep it flowing?
8. How do you deal with the conflict between your parents?
9. Are you a person of your own mind? Who can influence your decision?
10. Can you accept the mismatch between effort and gain?

The third group is the mutual understanding of some situations that may be encountered after being together.

1. What is your plan for the future and how will it be implemented? (Career and family)
2, meet more exciting people, how to be responsible for each other?
3, in the face of the pursuit of people who are better than each other or the former seeks to compound, how will you deal with it?
4. Will both families interfere with their feelings?
5. When do you plan to have children in the future? What good living conditions can you create for your children?
6, when there are children, how do you get along with each other, and how do you get along with children?
7. When there is a party, will you bring each other?
8, when working, can you pay attention to the time, do not stay out overnight?
9, willing to share each other’s work or life things, even if the other party does not understand, willing to choose to be a listener for each other?
10, the family elders are engaged in what work, whether there is the purchase of social security and medical insurance and other accident protection?

The last six questions will be to organize a month-long trip between the two parties.
1, who is responsible for the guide, who is responsible for packing?
2. When there are conflicts on the way, how to avoid negative emotions affecting communication?
3, in the event of an emergency, do you want the other party to decide for yourself or hope that the other party respects their own first inform the situation?
4, if the other party has emotions, how will resolve?
5. What gifts will you get for each other at the end of the trip?
6.No matter whether we are together in the end, can we bless each other?

Falling in love and staying in love are two different things.
It is easier to love than to stay together.
To truly understand others, we must ask and express ourselves in real life! In many studies, I have found that when two people can more accurately understand each other’s thoughts and emotions, they are more confident, more conscientious, and less neurotic.
So, if there really is a shortcut to love,
The most basic that is understanding and trust!
Finally, to all those who are still searching for love,
As soon as you get the girl back,
Bless those who have found their own happiness
Harmonious, sweet,
You have me, I have you!