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Crazy sex between turning the lights on and off

[Woman turns on the light]

“I want him to look at me. I look more beautiful and seductive in the light.”

“I like to see him when making love, he looks particularly sexy under the romantic light, his excitement will let me infatuated, we often enter the climax together in this mood!”

“Every time he makes love, he always turns off the light. I would turn the lights off because if he did, it would make me feel like he didn’t want to see me and was fantasizing about having sex with another woman in the dark.”

Linda, the playwright, pursues aestheticism and longs for romance, especially in love. It is a pity that the husband is doing scientific research work, do not understand amorous feelings, even the basic lovemaking environment do not know how to appreciate. Linda likes to play the light in the light and dark, and it is best to use a incense, just like the hero and heroine in her pen to do a passionate sex. But the husband is ungrateful, for his wife’s pains often turn a blind eye, often turn his head, snap off the bedside lamp, mouth also mutters: “so bright, dazzling.” Then he rolls over and comes up. Linda, who was in such good spirits, was spoilt by him. How she longed for real romantic sex between them!

Gender relations expert: In general, the visual stimulation of men is great, and men do not have shy psychology for sex, so most men like to make love with the light on. Men do not turn on the light, in addition to some men have special psychological factors for light, there are roughly the following three situations.

1. The style of the bedroom lamps or the brightness of the lights is really bad, he would rather turn off the lights to enjoy;

2. Making love without visual stimulation is a way to control the speed of self-promotion. He hopes to reduce visual stimulation and extend the time of making love:

3. His sexual fantasies can be more active and galloping after turning off the lights.

Of course, there are also many men who do not understand the style, do not feel wronged, you can try to start from sexy underwear, develop your own sex business, decorate the style of the bed more wonderful, so that he can not bear to see! Even, you can gently implore your man: Darling, turn on the light and let me kiss you properly. Teach him some knowledge of sexual atmosphere in life, let the men around you and yourself together, and enjoy the romantic sex under this light together!

☆ It’s reasonable to turn on the light!

1. Know how awesome he is: Bed is a great place to be honest! If you have the guts to have sex with the lights on, then show your passion for him generously! There is no such thing as male superiority in the face of desire, which helps to achieve the highest state of communion. Of course, his performance will also be visible, so that you clearly know what a great man your other half is!

2. Enjoy his orgasm: Under the romantic light, sneak a peek at his lust and greed, he’s going crazy for you! Of course, you also have to give the most authentic self to the other person. It’s a wonderful thing to experience the physical reactions of each other’s orgasms. See him intoxicated with you, your orgasm will be more intense! At the same time, you will also find that women’s lust is worth exploiting.

3. Now, just what I need: Turn on the lights, let him see you revel in the sex role, and use your body language to tell him that you need him now! Long for him! Believe it? He can’t help but work harder. Of course, you can also learn what poses he likes and what he likes about you. Under the light you will understand more clearly what kind of sex you need, more understanding of his needs.

TLPS;Turn on the lights and have sex!

1. Choose a wall lamp, table lamp or chandelier with adjustable brightness, and adjust the light to a softer tone to create a hazy mood.

2. The light should not hit any part of the body so that the focus is out of blur. Sex is a total effort, and you don’t want your partner to notice some parts of you and ignore others.

3. Choose red and yellow home or bed accessories. The light will shine on it, and it will make you passionate.

[Woman turns off the light]

“I like to have sex with the lights off, but he likes to have the lights on. Every time I opened my eyes, I saw him looking at me with his eyes wide open. I was not used to it.”

“I hate the light during sex, it exposes all my flaws to him. I’ll let him turn on the lights once in a while, but I’ll wear a sexy top.”

“I’m confident with my body, but I still don’t like to have sex with the lights on because black allows me to enjoy sex freely and I don’t want him to see my face contorted from orgasm or drooling.”

Lan couldn’t understand why her boyfriend always turned on the bedside lamp every time she had sex. Every time at this time, when her somewhat fat body appeared in a bright light, she always cared more about how to let him see not, see his abdominal fat, involuntarily to cover themselves with sheets. But the boyfriend does not seem to care about this, or single-minded to treat himself. Lan thought about it for a long time, and several times he tried to muster up the courage to say, “Honey, can we turn off the lights?” At least it makes me feel safe.” But every time the words came to the mouth, they swallowed, as if to remind her boyfriend: look, my shortcomings are here!

Relationship expert: A British survey shows that 40 percent of obese women will not have sex with their partners until the lights are off. So, if a woman’s body is not as slim as they wish, turning off the lights and then having sex is the first choice of many women who pursue perfect sex.

Another study conducted in the state of Virginia in the United States showed that women who did not feel anxious about their body were more than 83% of the time they reached orgasm during sex. By contrast, women who worry about their bodies are only 42 percent more likely to orgasm during sex. So if turning off the lights allows you to enjoy sex without being distracted by other worries, then go ahead.

As for men, you can turn off the lights and tell him a joke: It is said that after a brief power outage in London for 40 minutes, the mayor said in an interview that the biggest consequence of the power outage is that nine months later there will be a baby boom.

It can be seen that without the disturbance of light, human sex will be more released. Although turning off the light will reduce the visual stimulation and sexual pleasure of men, it can at least make your sex time longer and longer. Try turning off the lights and focusing on each other’s sexy breaths and groans. If he insists no, then what you have to do now is to do it! Close your eyes and try to lose weight or work on your confidence.

☆ It makes sense to turn off the lights!

1. Enjoy other sensory stimuli: Hearing, smell, taste and touch become particularly sensitive when the eyes cannot see him clearly. In the dark, the sound of his moaning, panting and breathing, the smell of his primitive sweat, the smell of bodily fluids, and even some subtle movements will make you drown

2. Women need a sense of security and mystery: In a dark environment, a woman will use her sense of touch more fully. The surrounding interference is reduced, the marital sex occurs in a dark, the “privacy” is completely guaranteed, and the woman can let go of her emotions without any scruples. Turn off the lights and establish a quiet and dedicated sexual environment, so that women have a more ankui sense and mystery when making love.

3. Sexual fantasy with eyes closed is more wonderful: Turn off the lights, women focus on imagining and experiencing the beauty of sex, and wholeheartedly enter the role of sex or sexual fantasy.

TLPS;Sex with the lights off is crazy!

1. Try to replace the light with scented candles, which are naturally soft and full of fragrance. The candlelight will make the muscles look tender and delicate, and even the shadow cast on the wall will be beautiful.

2. Letting the moonlight or the street light outside the window shine half on your bed is another romantic way to turn off the “light”.

3, after turning off the light, you can gently play some music with a good rhythm. It’ll make you burn in the dark.

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