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Love men and women compulsory course: How to better maintain love relationship

Love is accumulated from life bit by bit.From the very beginning, it is the best, it makes us blind ourselves, the other person is deeply attracted to us.People have shortcomings, which are exposed over time. So how to maintain a long-term relationship has become the most relevant problem for many couples.

How to maintain a relationship?

Relationships need to be maintained by both parties to last longer, although the method is known, but it is not easy to do.Here are some things to keep in mind if your relationship is just beginning.Communication is important

Communication should be carried out anytime and anywhere in life, not only the exchange of language, but also the exchange of emotions and the harmony of emotions, and at the same time, it can avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings.

To find problems, or to ask for guidance, can not be subjective suspicion, let alone can not ask indiscriminate reprimand and criticism.

Improve your mindset and attitude

Improve your view of certain things: at the same time adjust your state, turn negative into positive, passive into active. Don’t run away from problems, don’t avoid conflicts.

It is necessary to face things with a peaceful mind and take active actions to find ways to resolve contradictions and solve problems, so as to avoid further expansion and intensification of problems and contradictions.

Don’t be stingy with compliments between lovers

Everyone wants affirmation and praise from others, but it doesn’t mean that you should neglect these expressions when you are with each other.

I see a lot of couples who, once they move up the ladder, neglect the word respect, scold each other, all kinds of vulgar language. Maybe they think beating is kissing and scolding is love.

But long term relationships are generally based on respect. Respect is not only not vulgar in language, but also sincere praise in language.

Everyone wants to hear nice things, and they are nice things from a loved one. Remember that love needs freshness.

Everyone wants to hear nice things, and they are nice things from a loved one. Remember that love needs freshness.

Give respect beyond expectations

In the relationship between men and women, smart people will understand where they are required to each other according to the actual situation, such as the other side’s face, behavior and other reactions.

And people who say that for the good of each other and for the good of this relationship, trying too hard to improve will only lead in the opposite direction.

Perhaps you do not know that when you say it again, the spouse has put the determination to improve in the heart, and it is precisely your constant accusations and targets that lead to the failure of the original good wish.

Don’t break up easily

No matter how you argue, don’t break up easily. This is especially for girls, once or twice the other party may be saved, but the number of times will not take it seriously.

Maybe there will be a day when he is tired and agrees to break up with you, even if you do not want to part in your heart, your mouth says it, it can not be restored, after all, the words out are like water poured out.

Accompany each other appropriately

Do some things with each other that they particularly like. Boys and girls like different things, and we may not understand why each other would like something that we particularly hate, but we must respect each other’s preferences.

Appropriate to accompany each other to do something he likes but he does not like to do, this will make the other party very grateful to you, will also do the same to make you happy, two people together is to be happy, why not?

Friendly but not clingyGetting along too well turns into clingy, dependent. Get along too independent, become no intersection, and finally will go their own way.

A healthy relationship is one in which each person has their own life circle and pursuits. You can introduce each other to your friends and show each other your dreams, but you don’t have to get involved.

Everyone needs to have their own independent private space, which is a pure land for everyone to adjust their mood and start again when they are confused, so when the other party tired to say “let me be quiet”, then let it be quiet!

Sometimes the other person just needs a space to be alone and calm down, and then the other person will feel your understanding. one

Excellent occupy the initiative

Whether it is work or life, any responsible man will not slack off. Especially when you have someone you want to protect for the rest of your life.

A little more positive energy, a little more beautiful vision for the future. Take a look at yourself and change the bad habits you have when you are single.Harmonious sexual life

Don’t neglect the importance of sexual life, because this is often an important cause of relationship breakdown.

Both sides are ashamed to speak up on sexual requirements and do not understand communication, which will aggravate the disharmonious sexual life.

Many people will work hard in the pursuit of girls, but few people in the gender focus, after the two people establish a love relationship, learn to get along is a required course of love insurance.

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