Sweet Dating Guide

Fill your life with love

Sex knowledge, very exciting sex seven times!

1. Wake up in the morning

Open your eyes in the morning, after a night’s rest, the human body has the greatest rest, the most suitable for sex at this time, and can play the best sex ability of men, sex experience teacher warm tips, it is best not to have sex when your body is very tired, because your body can’t bear, the effect of sex is also very poor, It will affect the harmony of husband and wife life. Testosterone and energy levels in men are at their highest in the morning, and oxytocin levels rise after sex, which can keep a couple bonded for the rest of the day, so it’s great to start the day off with a good morning of sex in early summer.

2.The night before the big event

Studies have found that sex can not only relieve people’s stress and lower blood pressure, if you have a violent sex the night before a major life event, then the probability of success will be doubled the next day. Whether you are taking the adult college entrance examination or the civil service exam or the interview with a company, it is very helpful, because sex experts have shown that: in front of the big sex, you can be more focused on doing one thing, the success rate will be improved a lot.

3.When you feel a little under the weather

Many people will certainly say that the body is not comfortable but also sex ah, in fact, this is also a scientific basis oh! The more love the better, because sex can strengthen the body’s immune system, so when the body has a little problem, you can do a sex with a sexual partner to relieve it.

4.After the 14th day of a woman’s menstrual cycle

This is a sexual benefit for women, about two weeks after the start of a woman’s menstrual cycle, the clitoris will be 20% larger, and congestion becomes easier, the clitoris becomes extremely sensitive, and a little stimulation can reach orgasm. In this case, the female orgasm is easier to come. This day is probably the day when female ovulation begins, so women are more physically and physiologically eager for sex.

5.The body after the wet

After running or fitness, they usually wear tight sports clothes, so that women’s beautiful body is also a perfect show, after fitness to find their own advantages, will be more confident. So pent-up sexual impulses erupt in the body. Exercise also increases the production of testosterone, a key sex hormone that can make people crave more.

6.Just did something “terrible

Another great time to have sex is right after a scary experience, like riding a roller coaster or watching a horror movie. When adrenalin begins to be secreted in large quantities, the body is actually in a state of arousal, in which case people’s sexual response will increase a gear.

7.After a sad time

Want to get rid of the stress of a busy day at work? Sex is a healthier stress reliever than a few beers. Even if you’re in a bad mood because of your partner, a passionate sex session can defuse the bad feelings between you.

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