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7 ways to increase interest and make you an irreplaceable person

We like something because it adds a little surprise on the basis of what we are familiar with, such as the American blockbuster we watch, each film is an old routine, but each film will give us a new story, not all unfamiliar, not all familiar, this kind of film is very good. We like a star, every time he plays the role, looks the same, we will not find it interesting, but if he changes a little style, change a different feeling of clothes, we will have a long discussion.

1.increase the accident rate, increase the degree of liking

There is a formula:Like = familiar +15.87% unexpectedThis 15.87% is the calculated “optimal accident rate”. If the “surprise rate” is much lower15.87%, or even close to 0, then what you have to say and do will always be in the other party’s control, and the other party’s love for you will be greatly reduced.If we want to increase each other’s love for themselves, let the relationship warm up, we must increase this accident rate.Of course, you do some very outrageous things will also increase the accident rate, but this is often easy to give yourself points, and in the boring life can increase some accidents in interesting ways, not only can increase the accident rate, but also can make the other party feel that you are an irreplaceable person. After all, beautiful looks are common, but interesting souls are not.

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36 Questions to Turn a Friend into a romantic partner that will quickly heat up a relationship

We will divide the question into several groups, can better understand each other’s three views and living habits, as well as the points that the other party cares about, when asking each other these questions, there is bound to be a feeling of truth or dare.Ask each other, you need to choose a public place that is suitable for two people to communicate without affecting.

When you’re ready, start with the first set of questions and get into the mood to learn about each other’s preferences:
(1). What do you like and why? What kind of mood?
1, Share with each other the top 10 most listened to songs, are in what mood?
2. What are the feelings or inspirations brought to you by the 5 books you love to watch?
3, Like 10 kinds of food, picky food?
4, the unforgettable place of travel, because of what memory?
5. Who did you watch with the TV series or movies you have watched more than twice?
6, Do you often help your parents do housework, is it washing dishes or other?
7. What are the three or four dishes you are good at? Who loves them?
8. What are the habits of sticking to for more than a year?
9, If it was the last hour of your life, who would you want to spend it with?
10. What’s the most patient thing you’ve ever done?

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Tips for warming up between couples!
How to get through the dull period and warm up the relationship?

When a couple first gets together, they may be very close, but over time, the rekindled feelings will gradually returnReturn to normal, enter normal. At present, due to the accumulation of various contradictions, it is easy to fail to solve problems in a timely and effective manner.

In the subsequent coexistence, a little friction can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and causes the relationship to break down. So, how to get through the quiet period between couples and let the relationship warm up?

01.Create ritualFeeling is necessary for operation. The sense of ritual is an integral part of love. Meaningless love for ritual is a lack of emotion.
No matter how busy two people are, they must have their own life. For example, by choosing a fixed time, two people turn off their phones, computers and other electronic devices and immerse themselves in their day. Make ceramics together, make desserts, read books, etc… These little things contribute to mutual understanding and happiness at the same time.

02.Take a trip

Cold feelings? And then, a journey to go! For many people, traveling with someone you love is the most romantic thing in life. It can not only relieve the pressure caused by the fast pace of life, but also disperse the hidden dangers caused by the normal accumulation of various contradictions.
On the road, you can prepare a surprise for each other and dare to try new things. Get out of your daily routine and explore a time that is entirely yours to be the deepest memory of your life. Unconsciously, the relationship between the two people becomes more and more intimate during the journey.

03Take up a common hobby
The best way to warm up a relationship is to try to develop a common hobby with your partner after the relationship has been attributed to mediocrity. The simplest examples are: reading a book by the same author, watching a TV series, watching a movie, etc.

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