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Crazy sex between turning the lights on and off

☆ It’s reasonable to turn on the light!

1. Know how awesome he is: Bed is a great place to be honest! If you have the guts to have sex with the lights on, then show your passion for him generously! There is no such thing as male superiority in the face of desire, which helps to achieve the highest state of communion. Of course, his performance will also be visible, so that you know exactly what a wonderful man your significant other is!

2. Enjoy his orgasm: Under the romantic light, sneak a peek at his lust and greed, he’s going crazy for you! Of course, you also have to give the most authentic self to the other person. It’s a wonderful thing to experience the physical reactions of each other’s orgasms. See him intoxicated with you, your orgasm will be more intense! At the same time, you will also find that women’s lust is worth exploiting.

3. Now, I just need: turn on the light, let him see you revel in the sex role, use your body language to tell him that you need him now! Long for him! Believe it? He can’t help but work harder. Of course, you can also learn what poses he likes and what he likes about you. Under the light you will understand more clearly what kind of sex you need, more understanding of his needs.

☆ It makes sense to turn off the lights!

1. Enjoy other sensory stimuli: In a state where the eyes cannot see him clearly, the senses of hearing, smell, taste and touch will become particularly sensitive. In the dark, the sound of his moaning, panting and breathing, the smell of his primitive sweat, the smell of bodily fluids, and even some subtle movements will make you drown

2. Women need a sense of security and mystery: In a dark environment, a woman will use her sense of touch more fully. The surrounding interference is reduced, the marital sex occurs in a dark, the “privacy” is completely guaranteed, and the woman can let go of her emotions without any scruples. Turn off the lights and establish a quiet and dedicated sexual environment, so that women have a more ankui sense and mystery when making love.

3. Closing the eyes of the sexual fantasy is more wonderful: turn off the light, women will focus on the main energy to imagine and experience the beauty of sex, wholeheartedly into the role of sex or sexual fantasy.

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Who touched your sense of sexual security?

Sex is sweet and dangerous, and more and more uncertain factors can double your sensory stimulation, but also make you feel uneasy. When faced with the kind of unexplicable gain and loss, where do you have the mood to devote yourself?


Sex is strong, but not excessive


Although I like muscular men, intense and rough sex, can give me great satisfaction, but does not mean that I can accept almost rape sex? He misread my sexual needs, from time to time to a simple and rough “sex”, although sometimes feel very exciting, but my heart is vaguely uneasy, and even some fear of “sex”. Every time I want to say it, I am always embarrassed and want to say it again, but my heart is very depressed.


For women, foreplay aside, the intensity of sex is just as important as the duration. Reasonable grasp of the strength of sex, not only can make the sexual organs get more depth of stimulation and friction, but also can bring a higher level of psychological enjoyment. According to a survey of 2,000 women conducted by California State University in the United States, 52% of women said that the intensity of sex is the primary factor in the process of “sex”. Gentle sex mode for a long time, it is inevitable to look forward to strong “sex”. Kinsey, the sexologist, said that many women produce plenty of endorphins during vigorous sex. This substance will greatly increase the nerve conduction rate during sex, so that sensory stimulation can be satisfied. But Kinsey told us that this does not mean that the use of brute force can harvest unexpected sexual orgasm, excessive force or even rough sex, will lead to female sexual organ injury, make the private location more prone to breeding bacteria, and even lead to inflammation and infection. The old wound is not good, and the new wound is added, so the expectation of sex will be inhibited by pain and itching, where is the mood to face sex? It is unfair to complain that men do not understand tenderness, it is from the partner’s patience and indulgence, and even the wrong transmission of their sexual expression, so that the other party feels “full of energy” – the result is that you are worried about every “sex”, have a sense of unease, and even refuse to skin.

Timely adjustment:

Switch roles

Next time, change from passive to active. This way you can control the pace of sex and adjust it according to your needs. For him who fights hard every time, he can feel and remember your sexual preferences in addition to novelty. This is a great way to teach him your sexual preferences without words, because men are expressive animals, and in subsequent sex, I believe that he will use this memory to make you like it. Then your purpose will be served. It is worth noting that when women maintain the sexual initiative, they often feel physically exhausted, so they can consider the female upper or backward position.

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Sex knowledge, very exciting sex seven times!

1. Wake up in the morning

Open your eyes in the morning, after a night’s rest, the human body has the greatest rest, the most suitable for sex at this time, and can play the best sex ability of men, sex experience teacher warm tips, it is best not to have sex when your body is very tired, because your body can’t bear, the effect of sex is also very poor, It will affect the harmony of husband and wife life. Testosterone and energy levels in men are at their highest in the morning, and oxytocin levels rise after sex, which can keep a couple bonded for the rest of the day, so it’s great to start the day off with a good morning of sex in early summer.

2.The night before the big event

Studies have found that sex can not only relieve people’s stress and lower blood pressure, if you have a violent sex the night before a major life event, then the probability of success will be doubled the next day. Whether you are taking the adult college entrance examination or the civil service exam or the interview with a company, it is very helpful, because sex experts have shown that: in front of the big sex, you can be more focused on doing one thing, the success rate will be improved a lot.

3.When you feel a little under the weather

Many people will certainly say that the body is not comfortable but also sex ah, in fact, this is also a scientific basis oh! The more love the better, because sex can strengthen the body’s immune system, so when the body has a little problem, you can do a sex with a sexual partner to relieve it.

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