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How to maintain the feelings of two people,

How to maintain the feelings of two people, these several methods to remember!

I believe that many people have the experience of emotional failure, although they paid a lot of sincerity when they were together before, but in the end the other party still wants to break up with themselves, so it is very curious how the feelings in the end can go to the end. In fact, it is not difficult to come together, as long as the feelings can be maintained. So, how to maintain the feelings of two people?

1. Be in love

Two people come together, certainly because of love to come together, so the most basic is to love, if there is no love, it is not love, so no matter how to maintain it is not the last, so two people must love each other. Love is also two people to pay together, if only one person has been paying love, and the other party does not pay, then eat in will be tired, so it is difficult to go to the end.

2. Space

Although it is said that when you are in love, you want to stick together all day long, but no matter what, you must give each other a certain private space, let each other do what you want to do, because the other side also has its own circle, has its own studies, and has its own work to complete.

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Love men and women compulsory course: How to better maintain love relationship

Love is accumulated from life bit by bit.From the very beginning, it is the best, it makes us blind ourselves, the other person is deeply attracted to us.People have shortcomings, which are exposed over time. So how to maintain a long-term relationship has become the most relevant problem for many couples.

How to maintain a relationship?

Relationships need to be maintained by both parties to last longer, although the method is known, but it is not easy to do.Here are some things to keep in mind if your relationship is just beginning.Communication is important

Communication should be carried out anytime and anywhere in life, not only the exchange of language, but also the exchange of emotions and the harmony of emotions, and at the same time, it can avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings.

To find problems, or to ask for guidance, can not be subjective suspicion, let alone can not ask indiscriminate reprimand and criticism.

Improve your mindset and attitude

Improve your view of certain things: at the same time adjust your state, turn negative into positive, passive into active. Don’t run away from problems, don’t avoid conflicts.

It is necessary to face things with a peaceful mind and take active actions to find ways to resolve contradictions and solve problems, so as to avoid further expansion and intensification of problems and contradictions.

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How to maintain the relationship between lovers. ?

I don’t think I have too much insight on this subject, except to say something about my own recent feelings.

My boyfriend and I have been in a military relationship for over two years. Like most military relationships, long-distance, meet once a year, and occasionally lose contact with the risk, but, he always find a way to contact me.

When I first met him, he was so kind to me. In the first six months before I met him, he would ask me what time I would finish class in advance (we met when I was a freshman, when he was in the army), and then he would order lunch for me in advance, so that I could get lunch when I returned to the dormitory building. At that time, I felt happy every day. I feel so sweet in love. He will contact me every day, even if he is hiding under the quilt to talk secretly, he will accompany me to sleep at night.

Later, love for a long time, the original freshness of the past, there are not so many topics before, so I became very sensitive, will think why he ignored me, why did not reply to my message, why did not talk to me when the video chat, clearly in the past is like this!

In the middle of a year and a half, we made a lot of trouble because of this problem, he felt that no words can not say, quietly, each do their own things, the video is on and does not talk, but I feel that since the video is on, you do not talk to me, you do not look at me, there to see the joke, what do you mean, you do not want to deal with me, you do not send me video ah!

In fact, this situation has been until January this year, he took leave in November last year to return to the army, but every time I think about him, I will be a little uncontrollable emotions, it is easy to make trouble with him. In early January, we had a particularly low pressure during that period, because he was busy and tired every day, and I did not give him enough understanding, but also let him chat with me, so he broke up with me three times in a week, I know that he was really tired, because of the work pressure of the army, training pressure, but also because I did not understand the pressure he brought to him. The first two times he may be only mentioned a mouth, went to sleep, did not reply, the last time, he said particularly serious, said, “Do you think we have the result, you want now I can not give you, maybe we are really inappropriate”, meaning to break up, I ignored him for a long time, he asked a “Are you sure?” He did not answer directly, that night, I cried, but not as bad as the previous two cries, as if a little sober.

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